Passion for Innovation
Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders without brain surgery!

We are a science-oriented medical technology and CRO company with the aim of inventing & developing innovative medical devices and laboratory services. Our team members are devoted researchers with an impressive track record, and they address upcoming clinical and economic needs through applied research and innovative technology. Our CRO division supports medical technology companies, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry in performing clinical (intervention) studies.

Our latest medical inventions are the Dutch Bio-electronic Neurodegenerative Filter Technology and Adjustable Gastric Band. The DBNF System is the first and only system that offers the possibility to filter and block the involuntary signals and impulses, which are sent from the brain to the muscles and from the muscles to the brain, as a result of any neurodegenerative disease or disorder, without brain surgery (patent application 2019). The DBNF-system will give patients with movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease and Restless Legs Syndrome) more control over the body and their movements. Moreover, the information from the 24-hour tremor registration can help with the global database (Artificial Intelligence) for science and improvement of treatment.

Our partner the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (the Erasmus University Rotterdam) provides unique Executive MBA programs, Start-up programs and counseling for the Health-Tech and Med-Tech sector. Erasmus University Rotterdam is positioned in the top 3% of best universities in the world.

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