Life Science Business has three divisions:

1) Medical technologies, POC & IVD division:

This division is specialized in developing high-quality innovative medical technologies, valorization and cooperates with several start-ups in the medical technology sector to support them to commercialize their technology. Our team members and our partners are devoted researchers and scientists with an impressive track record, and they address upcoming clinical and economic needs through applied research and innovative technology.

2) Clinical study division:
This division is a platform for various clinical chemistry laboratories in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Together with these partners we support medical technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, the food industry and research institutes in performing clinical (intervention) studies. These clinical studies fall under the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act. Thanks to the collaboration with academic clinical chemistry laboratories, we can offer measuring absorption of active ingredients, as well as effect monitoring on circulating biomarkers and clinical endpoints. We provide professional, customized support regardless of your company’s current phase of business.

3) Start-ups division:
Together with Erasmus university Rotterdam we provide unique executive programs and counseling for Health-Tech and Med-Tech start-ups. In a short period the scientists and inventors are fully supervised and trained to be able to work as a hands-on entrepreneur. Moreover, they are supported by writing a business plan, finding private investors, setting up the production line, negotiating about the valorization, intellectual property rights, patent licensing, patent-valuation method and commercialization of the product.

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