Our partner in China,

Aeonmed has three R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai as well as in Pennsylvania, USA. It also has branch companies in Germany and Indonesia. Innovation is always the corporate core competence of the company. By the end of 2016, Aeonmed had totally applied 1158 patents, among which are 747 invention patents. More than 30% of company employees are in R&D department. More than 10% of total sales income is invested into R&D every year.

Monitoring of the vascular stiffness with our Vascular check 1,

“Arterial stiffness is a major risk factor for morbidity and mortality. Although stiffening of the vasculature is a physiological process which occurs during aging, there are many factors resulting in accelerated stiffening. Some conditions, such as aging, cannot be helped; others, however, can be influenced by lifestyle or diet. With the help of new technology and applied scientific research many patients can be monitored and treated after a diagnosed cardiovascular problem”. 

Thrombosis Elastic Stocking,

Life Science Business is developing biomaterials improving the effect of elastic stockings by local transdermal application of natural thrombosis-preventing compounds. This novel approach is specifically aimed for use by consumers at elevated risk for temporarily deep vein thrombosis, such as long-distance travellers who have other risk factors for thrombosis (Factor VLeiden, use of oral contraceptives, etc.).

Company Livan, our distributor for India and Canada

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