Thrombosis-preventing Elastic Stocking
Life Science Business is developing biomaterials improving the effect of elastic stockings by local transdermal application of natural thrombosis-preventing compounds. This novel approach is specifically aimed for use by consumers at elevated risk for temporarily deep vein thrombosis, such as long-distance travellers who have other risk factors for thrombosis (Factor VLeiden, use of oral contraceptives, etc.).

The Thrombosis Elastic stocking is developed by Life Science Business to improve the prevention of local thrombosis. Several vitamins are involved (in)directly in vascular health and elastic blood vessels. Besides the known risk factors for developing arteriosclerosis (hypertension, diabetes, overweight, smoking, etc) a low intake of these vitamins also increases stiffening of the blood vessels and thus the risk of thrombosis (for example, a thrombosis leg on long flights).

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