The TransCare test is a POC test based on lateral flow technique. This in vitro diagnostic test uses the lateral flow technique, in which a drop of blood is applied to a test strip. The blood reacts within 10 minutes with the monoclonal antibodies present on the strip. By using a gold label (linked to one of the antibodies) a coloring is created.

The TransCare test is the first POC test developed by Life Science Business based on the lateral flow technique. With this test, the status of various vitamins is directly measured in people who have received a donor kidney through transplantation.

It is well known that this group of patients has a strong increased risk of arterial calcification. The survival and functioning of the donor kidney and the life expectancy of this group of patients are determined to a large extent by the current status of various vitamins.

The TransCare test enables doctors and dietitians to measure the vitamin status with just one drop of blood (finger prick) within 10 minutes to provide targeted nutritional advice. The data can be read and stored via the specially developed TransCare E-Health App or can be entered via a USB connection on the computer.

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